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Bonnie and Clyde ®: Official Blog

New song on the way!

Posted on December 16, 2011 with 0 comments

   Once again we have to thank everyone for the great responses both at home and abroad. The video for The Trails End for Bonnie and Clyde was finished a couple months ago, and although it was pretty much just a slide show of pictures of the original Bonnie and Clyde, it has met with much better than expected reception, as has the song itself.

   We took some time off from our own music, to work on some new songs for other Artists, and a CD for a Corporate Sponsor. However, we are now finding ourselves back at work on our next song. Hopefully it will be a great follow up to "Outta the Hot Tub & Into the Fire". It has our signature Outlaw Country flavor and is of course smothered in Provocativeness. We're in the Studio now, have the music tracks close to complete, and are planning on being in the Studio over the Christmas/New Year Holidays recording, mixing, mastering, and working hard to bring in the new year with a fun new song. We'll be sure to update as to the progress.

   As for the Videos. We have been asked by many to release videos for our other songs, and we do intend to do so, as soon as possible. We're hoping to work on the video for our new song and complete the videos for the others, for 2012.

   Well, thanks again to all our friends and fans. Guess we better get back to having a blast in the studio, or blasting up the studio! (Is there a difference?)

Merry Christmas!

Bonnie and Clyde