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Bonnie and Clyde ®: Home

 Welcome to Bonnie and Clyde's Official Hideout on the Web!

   Bonnie & Clyde ® are multi-talented American singers, songwriters, and producers. Knowing absolutely no bounds, these Indie Outlaw Artist's write, record, and perform in genres ranging from Country to Rock, Hip Hop to Provocative, and then back again. The consistent threads that you will find throughout it all, is their rebel feel, upbeat tempos, and general outlaw attitudes, along with the intensely deep love and excitement that they feel for each other. All of which can clearly be heard in every bit of their music, as well as seen during their performances, both live and on video.

   While they have in the past, and still do a little, write as well as produce for a few other recording artists (some well known - some not) they decided in 2011 to finally release their first Indie single in the genre Progressive Outlaw Country. The song title - Outta the Hot Tub & Into the Fire. Oh Yeah! While it enjoyed only moderate success in the U.S., it went straight to the top of the Indie and Underground Charts Overseas. After that hit song, they released their first ever hip hop / dance song titled - If You Can't Breathe. Again, the local scene hardly noticed, but with the Fire still hot Overseas, it was a small step to the top.

   Then finally, on September 12, 2011 they officially released the song that they both felt would most adequately allow them to pay their respects to the real Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow. For the first time they were unsure what genre it fit into though. Regardless of whether it fits into the Indie Outlaw Country, Pop, Hip Hop, or the Soft Rock genre, what is for sure is that it is certainly more Outlaw Indie Music, and very adequately tells the real story of the original Bonnie & Clyde ~ their lives, their love for each other, and of course their trails end. The song was appropriately titled - The Trails End for Bonnie and Clyde, and is a musical adaption to the poem, The Trails End, which was originally written by Bonnie Parker and given to her mother prior to their deaths by ambush on May 23, 1934. The smallest changes/additions were made, to ensure the original integrity of the poem as well as their story, their real story, as they told it.

Bonnie and Clyde ® received their Official Registered Trademark, issued by The United States of America Patent and Trademark Office on May 29, 2012.

Meanwhile, the story and the music continues to unfold, with more songs being worked on and soon to be released.

   So take a look around. Check out all the latest Songs, Music Videos, and maybe even join the email/hideout list (you never know when they'll need a quick getaway and a reliable hideout)...

... We hope you have some fun while You're here, & leave with a smile on Your face.

   Thank You for visiting their hideout on the web. Be sure and check back often as things happen fast and somewhat unexpected around here,

The Bonnie & Clyde ® Music gang.